Tackling High School and College

Let’s be honest. High school by itself is like living a nightmare. Adding pregnancy along with the hormones and drama that comes with it just makes getting through high school a lot worse. Luckily, I was about halfway through with my senior year when I got pregnant. Unfortunately, there are some girls that get pregnant when they are younger (this was my mother-in-law!) If you’re this girl, don’t sweat it. The most important thing I learned in high school, which I wish I would’ve learned sooner, is that what other people think doesn’t matter when you know that what you’re doing is right. The rumors that immature kids might spread about you don’t matter when you know what the truth is. You don’t have to prove yourself to anyone. This goes to all the teenagers that aren’t pregnant also. Everyone in high school will do these things to try to get to the “top” and overall make themselves feel better about themselves.

It is hard to avoid these things when you’re pregnant though, those hormones are no joke. But try to focus on your education, health, and the health of your baby. Those “friends” who want to stick around will stick around no matter what. Those who don’t were never your friends. It’s tough losing friends, but who needs toxic people who aren’t looking out for you anyways, right? As far as your education goes, please please PLEASE don’t drop out. It is so much harder to go back to get your GED then it is to just finish what you’ve already started (I don’t have experience in this, but it’s what I’ve heard from many teen moms.)

If you’ve already graduated high school, then congratulations! Next step is getting into college. I gave birth in August, and honestly I was not ready for college. I skipped the fall semester to focus on taking care of my daughter and to try to get some sleep! The first few months after birth are the hardest in my opinion- hungry baby eating every 2 hours=no sleep. Halfway through the spring semester I thought to myself, “I don’t want to waste anymore time.” and so I looked at my options and began taking classes online as mini semesters. Oh how I wish I would’ve thought of that sooner! Taking classes online through the last part of the spring semester and the upcoming summer made things so easy since I could balance taking care of my daughter and school work all at home. This last fall semester I actually went to campus since the classes I needed weren’t offered online- no biggie since my daughter was a year old by then. Now all I have left is a tough, and I mean TOUGH, spring semester to get through before I get my associates in health science (I go back this week ah!) I’m so excited and so proud that I am about to graduate. My grades haven’t been all A’s as I would’ve hoped, science classes are super difficult, but a few B’s won’t kill me! A whole new journey waits for me after I get my associates, but for now I have to focus on the present. Good luck to all students in college and to all the mama’s in college!



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