Hell Week

Oh man, am I exhausted. I swear I feel like I just had a preview of finals week. After having a test every day this week, along with a quiz and experiment due, I can definitely say I am SO ready for the weekend. My grades weren’t what I was hoping, (and yes, my professors basically grade the same day lol) but at least I didn’t fail! I even had some friends tell me that they got their grade back up after receiving a 30% on their first test. Whoa. I’m super glad my grades were B’s and C’s, but I know I need to get all of them up to at least a high B.

Here are some semi-fun plans I have for the weekend:

Friday: Yes, tomorrow counts as a weekend day for me 😉 I just have a regular dentist appointment, and I’m hoping I can discuss my chances of getting braces because I have been in need of them for a long time. I also have a chipped molar from when I was about 14/15 and my cousin and I were on 4-wheelers when I accidentally crashed into her. Thankfully I landed in between the tires and not under them 🙂 Sooo I also have to get that fixed. It sucks that I don’t have dental insurance $$$ 😦

Saturday: My morning starts off with Crossfit! I love going to Crossfit, and I’ll probably make a separate blog from my experience so far. I LOVE the time it gives me to myself and it’s a huge stress reliever. Later in the day I have some plans to visit my friends at my old job since they love seeing Catalina and I love seeing them haha. Friends are the best.

Sunday: Since Sunday is Catalina’s dad’s day off, he’ll have her for the day (which means after 2 P.M. probably.) She’s finally not sick so maybe we can go out and do something before her dad picks her up. Once I’m alone, I might start working on some future school projects just to get ahead. Any possible ideas on what I could do with myself when Catalina is gone? I usually drive myself crazy pacing back and forth.

I hope y’all enjoy the weekend! 🙂



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