Like I mentioned in my previous post, I loooove going to crossfit! It’s like my me time and such a great stress reliever. I’m sure there’s a crossfit location like literally everywhere, so if you’re interested you can just look one up on Google maps!

The crossfit location I go to offers free morning sessions every Saturday at 9 A.M. so that’s when I go since I don’t have the money right now to be paying for a membership lol. Definitely call your local crossfit to see what they offer. The workouts are up to an hour long, but can sometimes be around 40 minutes. For that entire time it’s like non-stop movement and it’s so tough yet amazing at the same time. All or almost all of the workouts can be personally adjusted for wherever you’re at.

The image I included was this past Saturday’s workout and it was definitely an arm killer. It was with a partner (which most of the workouts are, yay!) and it was for a total of 35 minutes, not including the warm up. So if you finished all parts of the workout before the time was up, you got to do it again 🙂 You and your partner split up the workout however yall want where yall both end up doing close to half and half. My partner and I only managed 2 rounds, and even though I wanted to quit during every part of this workout I kept at it. The feeling of accomplishment is what I love the most.

Some examples of adjustments I can give involving this workout are:

  • box jumps: since I’m still fairly new to crossfit (I’ve only gone about 10 times I think?) I just do box step ups
  • wall ball shots: instead of using a 14lb wall ball, I’ll use a 6lb or 8lb. Slowly moving to higher weights! I did use the 14lb for the running though.
  • push press and thrusters: literally everyone used only the bar for both of these which is 15lbs (excluding 2 people who put weights on) since we had to hold it up while our partner did half of their workout.

I can’t forget to mention the crossfit games which are currently going on right now! I just found out about it this year and I am so excited to try for next year. It’s an annual thing where people all over the world who are in crossfit compete with each other to get the fastest time on the workouts given. It looks soooo hard, so I need to get to training! I’m stocked about it though 🙂

To all the mom’s, dad’s, students, basically everyone out there, remember to have some “you” time even if it’s not working out. It’ll keep you sane!



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