My Spring Break!

So, I did not get to go to San Diego unfortunately, but that doesn’t mean I won’t go in the future! Probably when Catalina is about 4 years old so she can enjoy it and hopefully remember it. Although I did not go, I still enjoyed it with my friends!

The Sunday before spring break actually started, I went to Galveston with a friend from college. I planned on tanning, but the weather had other plans (eyeroll at Texas) so my friend, Brandon, and I just walked around the area which was nice since the only part of Galveston I ever visited was the beach (which sucks lol.) We ended the day with eating at The Spot, yum!

On Wednesday, my friend Anna and I went to Houston. We visited the Japanese garden and then went to the Museum of Fine Arts where we also saw the Ron Mueck exhibit. I definitely recommend going to visit the exhibit if y’all are in the Houston area, it was awesome! Our stomachs were in need of some food, so we headed to Torchy’s Tacos to pig out. Our pigging out wasn’t over yet though, on our way to the car we saw a ice cream sandwich truck called Smoosh where I got my peanut butter brownie ice cream topped with marshmallows in between two delicious chocolate chip cookies. *drools*

Early Friday morning, Anna and I hopped in the car to go to Dallas. What could one possibly want in Dallas when they live in the amazing Houston area you may ask? 😉 Six Flags of course! We got there around 9:50 A.M. after going 100mph literally almost the whole way there. Thankfully I’m an awesome driver haha! We only rode about 6 rides because of the lines, but they were great! All f the rides in Gotham are the best. We started off with the Texas Giant and ended with Mr. Freeze. I LOVE ROLLER-COASTERS!

The rest of my days consisted of visiting some friends from my old job and going to the store with my mom. Oh, and of course CrossFit! Now all I have left to do is study for my midterms since apparently ours are after spring break and not before like everyone else. I hope all students out there enjoyed their spring break! Y’all wish me luck in my exams 🙂



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